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Conversation with Boomba

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 8:58 pm    Post subject: Conversation with Boomba     Reply with quote

Stolen from eqbeastlord.com but i thought it was ok to repost it here

Hail, Boomba. It's been so long since we first met. Forty years have passed over Freeport's sands. I've seen a lot of things in my time, and I'm sure you've seen even more.

Do you remember when I first met you? I was so young and scared. The sands and sky were warm, and I can still remember the taste of salt in the air. I can remember the sounds of the foam on the shore.

Do you remember the desert? The shifting sands and burning sun. The mummies and madmen and fishing barbarians. Dorn the dreaded chasing us all over the dunes, while poisonous asps struck at our feet.

Do you remember the Commonlands? So many people sharing stories and items. Hunting the bixies to see if the Griffons would spawn. The endless chatter of a thousand adventurers. Now a still barren place where only Altunic still walks.

Do you remember Befallen. So many locks and trapdoors. I lost many friends to that cursed place. I still remember the rogue who tripped over the well. The look of terror on his face. The scream of the wraiths awaiting him below.

Do you remember that terrible night in Kithicor? I do. The clash of battle and the smell of blood and pine. The look of disgust in Innoruuk's eyes. The look of defeat in Lady Firiona's. I still remember the sharp chill of terror as it raced down my spine.

Do you remember the Faydark. The endless trees. I walked there many a night. Listening to the songs of the elves above.

Do you remember the gnomes? The legends of the Great Clockwork Dragon. Said to lie somewhere between Steamfront and Dagnor's Culdren.

Do you remember my wife? A ranger of Marr. We fought side by side for many a year. Always laughing and loving and being together.

Do you remember that fateful night when she went to Rathetear? The sting of loss, the pain of sorrow. Do you remember when I buried her. Under the tree by the abandoned inn where we met.

Do you remember when Kunark was found? So many boats and sailors. I used to get so ill on those nights at sea. I don't know if it was the rocking of the boats, or the dread I felt from rumors of lizardmen.

Do you remember Firiona Vie? An outpost with endless promise. A haven away from the lake of terror and the lands of spiders and dragons.

Do you remember the frozen lands of Velious? I remember the icy sting of snow in my boots. I remember the dwarves and giants. The chaos and the black tower. I remember the gnolls and turtles and whirling dervish.

Do you remember the plague? The fields of Karana drenched in a sickly green. The innocents and farmers covered in pox. The clicking of beetles and the laughter of Bertoxxulous.

Can you count the days, Boomba? The years seemed so fast. The world took shape before our eyes, and times have changed.

Would you believe that the frogloks have risen?
Would you believe that the planes have been opened?
Would you believe that the Gods have been challenged?
Would you believe that the world has been broken?

Times have grown tough on this servant of Marr. For forty years I've walked the lands. I've seen so many good times and friendly faces. I've spent many a night huddled in darkness and despair.

I thank you Boomba for all you've done. The pickles, and batwings, and scalps. The legends of Ogres and giants of old. The constant reminder of days long past.

Be happy dear Boomba, for I must leave you. I have fufilled my time. Mithaniel is in danger and this world has changed. I'm a relic. My time has past.

Be good to the new generation dear friend. Sell them your pickles with pride. For whatever adventurers tommorrow will bring. I know you'll be there. Constant, like the sand.

- An unknown Paladin

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