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Code of Conduct

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2004 6:33 am    Post subject: Code of Conduct     Reply with quote

Code of Conduct:

Respect for others:

Members must not become involved in any disputes with other guilds or individuals. Disputes with other guilds or individuals may be grounds for removal from the Guild.
Your actions reflect upon other guild members.
Refrain from excessive swearing, using belligerent or disrespectful language in an open channel (talk to your friends however you see fit, just be certain to respect others).
We expect our members to act in a mature and respectful way at all times. We are here to have fun and relax. We do not appreciate anyone who interferes with our ability to do that.
***Disrespecting a fellow guild member, an officer, a GM or another person WILL lead to removal***

Not everyone will get along perfectly with all other members in the guild. This is expected; however, anyone that allows personal conflicts to interfere in the guild in any way WILL be removed.

We will not tolerate training, kill stealing, harassment, belittling, or taunting of other players. Intentionally training or kill stealing another player WILL lead to removal.

We do not condone dueling or taunting, nor responding to others taunting in a negative manner. Dueling or taunting will be grounds for immediate removal from the Guild.

If a member encounters a problem with other guilds or another individual, try to resolve it with as much grace and good manners as possible. If the member is not able to resolve the situation, contact a Guild Officer, explain the situation, and ask for help in resolving the situation.

We expect all members to refrain from posting on the ***ZEB BOARD FLAME FORUMS*** in any form, as well as posting a flame on ANY message forum with a SoF signature. Also, we make it policy not to get involved in the raid planning section to avoid possible backlash or misunderstandings.

We do not tolerate Guild bashing. Guild bashing is defined as abusive, offensive, or contemptuous criticism or harassment of the Guild, Guild Officers, or other members. The use of Guild channel to complain about what the Guild should or should not do, or what the Guild does or does not do is not constructive and may upset other Guild members.

Guild bashing is not limited to those interactions through the Guild channel, but may include harassment through in game communication, email, or the message boards.

Guild bashing will be grounds for immediate removal from the Guild.
If you have any suggestions, concerns, or complaints about the Guild, Guild Officers, or another member, contact a council member.

Access to a member's account is not to be given to any person not also a member. Should your account be shared with another person, that person must also submit an application. Any member sharing an account must notify the Guild Leader. Undeclared sharing of an account will be grounds for immediate removal from the Guild.

We support compliance with the Everquest Rules of Conduct and the Everquest End User License Agreement. Violation of either may be grounds for immediate removal from the Guild.

The use of /anon is not permitted and is grounds for removal.
If you need to be anonymous for purposes of class and level please use the /roleplay function instead.
Exceptions to this rule will only be made if directed by a member of the council for the purpose of highly contested mobs.

This guild is NOT a guild for those who wish to be given items & cash or power leveled.
We do not tolerate begging or nagging. Begging or nagging will be grounds for immediate removal from the Guild.

A level of participation is expected
SoF is about helping out one another, and this is expected of ALL members when and where they can.
Regular participation in the Guild Message Forums [url]www.sofeq.net [/url] IS REQUIRED. We expect that you will visit on at least a weekly basis. This is where we discuss raid strategies and times as well as topics that affect the guild as a whole. Any problems you have with this system can be directed to here.

Access to the Message Boards are not to be given out to anyone other than members.

All members are responsible for providing updated information on their Guild characters.
Profile on Magelo detailing your current equipment etc.

Guild Removal

Members may remove themselves from the guild at any time they wish, but to be re-admitted they must meet the following criteria.

If you leave the guild on your own accord the following rules now apply for re-admittance.

1) You must have left the guild on your own accord.

2) You must reapply under the ‘application’ section of the guild Forums.

3) At this time a a formal vote must take place by the officers. The formal vote will be posted under each applicants name and will run for 48 hours.

4) It will require a unanimous vote by all officers for a person who has left the guild to return.

5) If a person leaves a second time they will not be permitted back into the guild.

So be VERY certain you wish to leave before you do, as chances are that you will not be allowed back unless there are extenuating circumstances!!!
If any member quits the guild a second time, they will never be permitted reentry into the guild.

Removal by an Officer/Councilor
If a member is observed or reported violating the Guild rules, an Officer will attempt to engage the member in conversation. The Officer will inform the member of the actions in violation of the Guild rules. The Officer will make a reasonable attempt to encourage the member to cease these actions. The Officer will state that the member is to "Stop now or be removed from the Guild."

When approached by an Officer and informed of the actions in violation of the Guild rules, the member is to stop these actions immediately. The member may take this opportunity to explain the actions.
Once warned to "Stop now or be removed from the Guild," if the member continues these actions or refuses to stop, the member will be removed immediately from the Guild.
There will be no further discussion with the member or recourse from Guild removal.
Should a member be removed from the Guild because of a violation conducted through one character, all characters the member has within the Guild will be removed.
An Officer will remove any characters not self- removed.

Alternate characters
We do not do Dual-Mains, as we want every player to have an equal consideration for loot award purposes.
Two alts per full member, some exceptions may be allowed.
The alt may be of any level.
Please post your alt’s name and profile under the Roster Section of the bulletin board.

Changing Mains
If you decide you just don't like your main then please contact Council about it and we will discuss changing your listed main.
Changing of mains is limited to ONCE per year maximum.

Coinciding membership in any other guild is not permitted
We want our members to be dedicated to SoF, and not just here for the ride
There may be exceptions, at the discretion of Council. Check before you do anything.
We prefer that members not have characters in other guilds. Members with characters in other guilds must notify the Guild Council. Exceptions may be made if it is determined there is no conflict by being in both guilds.
Undeclared characters in other guilds may be grounds for immediate removal from the Guild.

Missing in action
Anyone away for more than two weeks should post and let the guild know before they take the time out.
This is to help keep track of who is actually an inactive member and who is on vacation.
As a result, if anyone goes MIA for more than 2 months without letting us know why may be removed from the roster, have their access revoked for the forums, and the guild leader may remove them. If the /guild removed person has a valid reason, they have only to get in touch with Council and they can be reinstated.

SoF is monarchial, that is the current GL has final say in all matters. They are aided and advised by a Council.
Each Council member is also an officer and has an equal say.
Any issues brought before the Council will be brought to a vote. In most cases this will be a majority rules.
Members of council are expected to:
Try at all times to set an example for guild members
Keep up on what is happening in the guild
Check the pages and forums as often as possible
Try to "listen" to what is being said in guild chat whenever possible
Vote on and give your opinion on any and all issues
Try to be online as much as you are able
Help to guide and aid your Guild mates
Keep the rest of Council informed as to what is happening within the guild

Loot & Raid Policies

Basic Loot Rules:
Loot from guild raids is allocated by a loot council (officers attending and other long term members if not enough officers are online).
There will be only two responses to the allocation of loot: "Grats!" or "Thanks!" Loot-whining will not be tolerated.
All coins, gems, etc looted by the Group Leaders go to the Raid Leader or designated Loot Leader immediately after the raid, and is then passed on to the guild bank. We buy coffins, peridots, essence emeralds, pearls etc. to reimburse members and to be prepared for the worst, hehe...

Loot Allocation:
Loot drops are announced immediately by the looter, using a link in the raid channel.
When asking for an item please send a TELL to the person in charge of loot for a given raid. Include in the tell a link to the item you are upgrading from.

Loot is awarded by council online at the given time. If less than 2 council members are online the council member who is will choose temporary "loot council" members for the duration of the raid who have equal say in who gets said piece.
Items will be given with consideration to the following factors:
How "active" is the character
How long since the character received loot?
How big is the upgrade.
Can an item be passed down.

Loot will be given in the following order:
1. Mains at the raid
2. Mains / Alts requested by council to attend the raid (i.e. we’re short on clerics and ask a member to play an alt or another member’s main) Mains not at the raid (for droppable/DQ able items)
3. Alts
4. Initiate members of the guild are not entitled to any loot from raids unless the item is no drop and would otherwise rot or they place a class that was integral to staging the raid (ie a wizard to port us into Hate).

Any person receiving an upgrade in equipment is expected to pass their old item back to the guild to be handed down if their original item was given to them by the guild.

ALL invites MUST be approved by either the Council, or by the raid leader before they attend.
All loot on an SoF raid is property of SoF and goes to SoF alone, unless an item drops that cannot be used by any SoF member and is no-drop, or if the invite was crucial to complete the raid successfully. Some exceptions may apply, at the discretion of the raid loot leader / Council.
It is up to the member who invites along a friend to inform them of our raid rules.
Anyone not capable of informing their invites will not be allowed to bring along invites on future raids.
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