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APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN - Please read this post thoroughly

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2004 10:34 pm    Post subject: APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN - Please read this post thoroughly     Reply with quote

Beginning 06/01/05 Spirits of Fire (SOF) will be accepting new applications for the guild. SOF is going through a rebuilding process and is looking forward to taking OOW , DON , and epic encounters.

SoF is a family-based, progression guild. We require PG language in chat and strict adherence to our guild rules. We do not require, but do strongly encourage you to attend all raids called by the guild.
Loot is merit-award based. The loot award policy is located in the Code of Conduct thread in this section.


Level 62
30 AAs minimum

- Ability to SoW or Have Run3 AA
- Enduring Breath item
- Indoor insta clicker (8th, 9th or 10th Coldain rings, Goblin earring, etc…)
- Means to self-invis (potion, spell or item)
- Means to gate (thurgadin potion, overthere hammer, gate potions, etc…)
- Updated Magelo profile (www.magelo.com)
- The ability to raise all resists over 100 unbuffed

As many of these AAs as possible: we consider these to be crucial for raiding purposes

Warrior - ND3, CA3, CS3, AT, PE, PD3, ID5, LR5, SE3(non ogre)
Bard - Fading Memories, SM2, IM3, AT3, ND3
Enchanter - SCM3, SCS3, MC3, GM, MGB, ER3, TD3
Rogue - Escape, SOS, Ferocity3, CF3, ND3, CA3, LR5, PE
Druid - SCM3, HA3, HG3, MGB, SoTW1, Radiant Cure 1
Shaman - SCM3, MC3, SCR, Cann, MGB, Radiant Cure 1
Paladin - ND3, CA3, LR5, ILOH, MGB
Shadowknight - ND3, CA3, CS3, PE, LR5
Beastlord - SCR3, Paragon, Pet Hold
Ranger - AM3, EQ, (Ambi or Punishing blade & Ferocity)
Necro - SCM3, ND3, Pet dis 1
Wizard - SCM3, SCS3, MC 1, SCF3, SCFM3, Exodus, FOMM3, Improved familiar, Allegiant Familiar, Harvest of druzzil
Mage - SCM3, SCS3, SCF3
Monk - ND3, CA3, CF3, PE, Ambi, LR5, Fury of ages 3, PB3, ferocity3, Technique of Master Wu 5, crit mend, Mending of the Tranquil 3, rapid feign
Berserker - CA3, CS3, ND3, CF3, PE, Flurry3, Ferocity, ID3, LR3, PB3
Cleric - SCM3, MC1, HA3, DA1, RC1, MGB, IHA3 - epic is a strong plus

As an initiate and/or new member, you will be expected to work on these AAs to be an effective raid member.

Other application information:

Family members of existing guild members may be allowed in on a case-by-case basis. If you are related to a guild member, make sure you mention it in your application.

2 boxing is allowed if you designate you main and your primary bot in your application. The council and/or raid leader reserves right to have you NOT 2 box under special circumstances. The council and/or raidleader also reserves right to have your play a designated toon per the needs of the raid.

APPLICATION PROCESS (You MUST use this format)
- Fulfill the minimum requirements
- Must not have an application or raid pass into another guild
- Post an application on our website and include a link to your magelo profile
- /join the chat channel SoF:SoF to keep track of our activities and be available for groups and raids
- Find two current members willing to sponsor you and that knows you sufficiently to ascertain that you will fit in at SoF

Please use the following format for your application (copy/paste it into the application):


Character Name:
Time Zone:
PoP Flags:

Epic (Yes/No – if no please state your current progress and whether you are working on it or not):

Do you have 30 AAs? If so, which ones:

Previous guilds:

Enduring breath item (Yes/No):
Instant buff clicker (Yes/No):

Magelo link (or number of your magelo profile for the html impaired):

Why do you want to join SoF:


Once we have reviewed your application, you will receive a guild tag. All newly tagged applicants are considered Initiates (probationary members).
Post for access in the "Forums Access" section.
Beginning of each month we vote on the current initiates of the last month. As a rule of thumb you need to be an initiate for 4+ weeks before you will be voted on.

Loot: Initiates of the guild are not entitled to any loot from raids unless the item is no drop and would otherwise rot – so be prepared for a time without loot!!

To achieve full membership, it takes a minimum of 20 “Yes” votes from all members casting votes. If not enough votes are cast, or for whatever reason there has not been enough time to get to know an initiate, the initiate period may be extended. It behooves you then, when newly tagged, to get to know as many future guildmates as possible so that when it comes time to vote, they feel confident to vote you in.

Announcements will be made on or around the 7th of the following month.

SOF Ruling Council
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