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Nigella's History

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Joined: 22 Nov 2003
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Nigella (Keys)

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2004 1:35 am    Post subject: Nigella's History     Reply with quote

I was away on vacation in Thailand almost exactly a year ago and while I had a little free time on the beach I made up a quick story about Nigella. Just some preview notes... Nigella was one of my earlier toons (made about 2 months after realease) on the Rallos Zek server. She was a DE cleric then too. At the time, there was a guild called Blood Coven who only allowed DE females to join. All guild members took the name Val'Sharess as a surname at lvl 20 (still a pretty big accomplishment at the time) It means princess in some language I believe. Anyway, at the time i joined the guild i had never had a toon at lvl 20, and one of my HUGE EQ goals was to get to 20 and get a surname. Nigella was my first toon to reach this goal. Again, with my current character you will notice the surname is still Val'Sharess. The other people in this story are old friends, some of whom still play on Rallos. I hope you enjoy it, even though it has never been edited and is VERY VERY rough. =P With no further ado, here comes the first installment.

Nigella Val'Sharess 65 - Archon - Check out my Gear
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Joined: 22 Nov 2003
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Nigella (Keys)

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2004 1:56 am    Post subject: Part 1.     Reply with quote

A Raven Flys

Perrir opened his hands at the entrance to the Foreign Quarter, in a time before the Trolls had taken if over, and watched as a raven flew away. He smiled discretly to himself as the bird preformed a couple barrel rolls. He was certain Nigella would turn our well... quiet certain.

It had been many years early he had first found the girl. He recalled being immediatly concerned on first hearing the sound, then awed as he felt the power of the voice rattle his bones. He had quickly left his studies in the library of the great spire and ran out to the front gate. As he crossed the bridge he heard the voice coming from below him. He stopped and look down, there in a small wicker basket floating in the moat was a baby girl.

Perrir guickly found his footing on the slippery bank and reached out to drag the basket to shore. Inside he found two things. The first was a beautiful Dark Elven child with striking purple eyes, naked except for the light cloth carelessly thrown overtop her. Second was a small bunch of flowers. Scooping up the child into his arms, and grabbing the flowers as an afterthought he rushed back inside the Spire.

He immediatly called to Rahena. A moment later, Rahena came around the corner, wondering what had the guildmaster up at this late hour.
"Another child in need of a blessing?" she asked
Perrir shook he head.
"Seems this one is more of a gift" he stated matter of factly. "I've checked her for injury already, would you be so kind as to take her for a moment, there is something I must see to."
"Sure thing Perrir."

Perrir climbed the stairs slowly and proceeded to the bookshelf.
"I know its here" he mummered as he searched the shelf. His hand flowed along the spines of the books just as fast as his eyes could catch the titles.
"A guide to basic clerical skills"
"A High Priests view on the formative years"
"Advanced prayers for Divine Intervention"
"A guide to poisoness animals of the forest"
"A warriors view" He chuckled at that one. Every warrior to have read it would nod their head every few pages... at about the same points most priests would emit a small chuckle. 'Finally' he thought, got it!
"Ebonygem's guide to the flowers of the forest" Perrir flipped the book open and glanced at the page.
"Hmmm, stange, found it already" he muttered " 'Nigella Val'Sharess' named after a cleric who was felled in battle many years ago, and grew only on her gravesite. A sign of her connection to Innoruuk." Or so the author thought. Perrir continued to read. "My sister, Nigella, fell in a heated battle to defend the forest last year. The entire Coven was saddened by her loss. She was a dear sister and a great leader. May she always be remembered." Perrir flipped to the cover and read the authors name again. Ebonygem Val'Sharess. Strange, both names... actually all 3, Nigella, Ebonygem, and Val'Sharess seemed to remind him of something, he just wasn't sure of what.
"No matter" he said as he shoke his head. "Nigella you shall be."

Nigella Val'Sharess 65 - Archon - Check out my Gear
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Joined: 22 Nov 2003
Posts: 202
Location: Taiwan

Nigella (Keys)

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2004 8:23 am    Post subject: And it continues     Reply with quote

Under the proper care and blessings Nigella grew quickly. It seemed to almost happen overnight. Perrir's duties had lightened since the dicovery of Luclin and all the High Priests there. Which suited him just fine, as he had more time to devote to little Nigella.

"Pappa" Nigella spoke quietly from his studyroom doorway
"Yes Dear"
"Where do babies come from?"
Perrir stopped, searching the ceiling for a good answer and then spoke slowly
"Well, babies come when a Mommy and Daddy want to have one" he said.
Nigella was quite, apparently deep in thought. Perrir though he knew what was coming next.
"So, your my daddy...."
Perrir nodded looking again at the ceiling for the answer he was goning to need in a few moments
".. And Nigella is my mommy."
Perrir's eyes snapped down quickly and narrowed slightly.
"What Nigella dear?"
"The one in the forest daddy, I was picking flowers in the forest..."
Perrir's eyes narrowed a little more.
"... I know you say its not safe daddy, anyway, she stepped out from behind a tree, and we spoke. She said she was my mommy."
Perrir glanced up again, first trying to sooth his anger at Nigella for being along in the forest and second, looking for a question this time... not an answer.
"What did she look like dear?"
"Well, she was very pretty.. purple eyes, just like me. She was wearing golden armor, but she looked... kinda see through"
"Like a ghost?" asked Perrir
"Ummm, yeah I guess..."
"Okay dear, Its time for you to go to bed. Thank you for telling me the truth. Good night honey."
"Good night dad."

Perrir sighed and rubbed his eyes. Five times he had flipped the hour glass now.
"Dawn must almost be upon me" he muttered.
He had found 6 more books written by Val'Sharesses and none about them. Or the Blood Coven. Perrir picked up one more book from the shelf. He slowly began leafing through the book. He had read it before, a long time ago as part of his studies. He reached the chapter about the final battle for the forest. And right there, in a small text box to the side he saw "The story of Nigella Val'Sharess"

His eyes widened, fully awake now he began to read.

'The story of Nigella Val'Sharess'
'Nigella was a great cleric in this warring period of our history. As with so many of the heros of this age she was a member of "The Blood Coven". This was a guild avalible to all Dark Elven women of the day. As the battle progressed Nigella, and her party of sisters found themselves as the last people holding the bridge from the surge of light. Both sides were greatly fatigued, most everyone was engaged in melee battle as even the wisest sages and priests had long ago run low on mana. It was at this point, just as Symgharyl, leader of both the resistance and the Blood Coven, was about to succum to her wounds, which would surly have allowed the light forces to march upon Neriak, that Nigella did the amazing. Pulling energy from an unknown source she sacrificed herself in one last effort to push the Coven forward. Symgharyl, in a sudden burst of energy quickly dispatched her opponent, and then several more. The battle was won. As Symgharyl turned, she saw Nigella in her golden armor in a heap. Despite the best efforts of many cleics, she could not be ressurected. Its seems she had sacrificed herself to Innoruuk to save Neriak and her sisters.'

Perrir slowly lowered the book, his eyes filled with tears for this heroic cleric who had made the ultimate sacrifice so many years ago. Perrir bookmarked the page and closed the book. 'Nigella could have worse for a rolemodel' he thought.

Years passed and Nigella never spoke of her 'Mother' again. She began to study the ways of the spire. And, she excelled. More then Perrir could have hoped. She really seemed to have a knack for it. Finally, she was ready for the test to be named a cleric of Innoruuk. The youngest applicant ever! Once she had finished the test, and it had been marked, she was not only the youngest ever, but also had one of the highest entrance exam marks ever. Perrir smiled out to the forest. Yes, he really was certain Nigella would turn out okay!

End of part 1.

This is all I have written atm, but I am hoping i'll become inspired at add another bit to the story in the near future. Hope you all enjoy.. please feel free to critique it, i know i am no writer!

Nigella Val'Sharess 65 - Archon - Check out my Gear
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Hydein (Keys)
Torrian (Keys)

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2004 9:16 am    Post subject:      Reply with quote

i like it Nigella.. just don't forget the naked corpse runs and all.. that is a must =P I like the story, and look forward to more Very Happy

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Redback (Keys)

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2004 9:51 am    Post subject:      Reply with quote

This is a really neat story Nigella. You are a very good writer Very Happy

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